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20.02.2018 16:14:15 CET



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CS: GO now also at the MATCHARENA

04.02.16 - 23:35

We were finally successful! We can with a good feeling and Counter Strike: Global Offensive at the start and again long and exciting tournament nights experience with you.

Now it says again: whets the blades, cleans the gun barrels, and blast the opponents of the head from the shoulders. On Sunday, the 14.02.2016, we start a new era and present our first CS:GO 1on1 Elitekiller tournament. Old hands are just as welcome as also the greenhorns.

From now on, you can participate every Sunday at the MATCHARENA in different CS:GO tournaments and replenish your pocket money to you. There will be different 1on1 and 5on5 tournaments with prize money in the Exchange. More information and data about upcoming CS:GO tournaments can be found here.

Important questions and answers

You have difficulties with the registration or registration of the Steam ID in your profile?
We offer an IRC Support ((#ma. csgo) to you approx. 30 minutes before tournament start where can appeal to her general questions and to problems and you, for example, with problems of the registration, Gameaccounts and prize money payment is helped. No protests are worked on in the IRC or are commented.
How do I sign up for the tournament?
Every player is allowed to join a tournament at every point of time, if he meets the given requirements. The requirements are: inscribed and valid Gameaccount (Steam ID) and a MATCHARENA Account. Players with a locked steam ID in blocked foreign leagues and VAC account, are not eligible to play in the MATCHARENA.

Easy Anti Cheat
EAC must be independently downloaded by each player in the latest version. Each player is furthermore responsible that the program prior to the match is active. Which should be not so, the MA Server detects that you're not connected with "EAC MATCHARENA" and will be automatically kicked from the server or can not join the server.

How do I create a Protest-Ticket?
If problems occur during the match, contact your opponent via ingame chat or sign up with a support ticket with an admin. Evidence such as demos, screenshots, logs should be settled without this protest, to avoid long processing times.

How do I get the prize money fastest way?
The payment of the prize money is only via PayPal!  After you won prize money in the MATCHARENA contact us by a Support-Ticket with the following information: 1.Your paypal email adress; 2. Your 1st name; 3. Your last name; 4. Your MATCHARENA Account name; 5. The name of the cup you won Your cup placement

Author: MA|Katja

Quote comment
14.02.2016 19:27h

Easy Anti Cheat ??

Wurde wohl nichts mit dem damals geplanten Anti-Cheat Tool?

Shocked Very Happy Laughing

Quote comment
14.02.2016 21:40h

Na, ich weiss nicht was daran so lustig ist... leider hat Windows 10 nach über 1,5 Jahren einen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht und es komnnte nicht mehr so zum Abshluss gebracht werden wie geplant. Wir hatten schon viele Interen Tests am Laufen und alles lief rund... bis auf Win10 und alle 3 Tage Win10 Updates *grmpf*

Quote comment
17.02.2016 05:16h

Konntet ihr da jetzt trotzdem was nutzen oder war alles für'n A...?

Quote comment
01.06.2016 07:11h

Coincidentally I also play CSGO, I have here a good http://www.csgo4skin.com/

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