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Rules CS:GO - 1on1

30.04.14 - 18:42

Counter Strike:Global OffensiveInfos & Details
Stand: 01.05.2015

All listed rules are mandatory for all participants. The global ruleset apply in addition to the game-specific rules. By competing in a MATCHARENA competition the member complies, that he has read and understood the rules and he agrees with them.

The rulebooks are kept always complete and up to date. Participants should also check the Info & Details and news for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply at their competition.

All participants have to be in our IRC channel as long as they are playing in any MATCHARENA event. If a participant isn't online in our IRC channel or doesn't react to an admin there he can be kicked out of the tournament.

If there are any questions about the rules, please use the support system.
1. Allgemeines

Every player is allowed to join a tournament at every point of time, if he meets the given requirements.

The requirements are:
  • inscribed and valid gameaccount (Steam ID)
  • no active bans (VAC, foreign leagues...)
  • Compulsory attendance of the whole tournament in IRC (#ma.csgo)
  • Each player has to use a nickname that is similar to the nickname he/she entered in his MATCHARENA player sheet.


A tournament can be left until the start of the check in phase without any problems. If a participant likes to leave a tournament in the running check in phase, he only has to abstain from checking in.

Every Match will be generated randomly when the tournament starts. We can't influence the seeding process. Any protest because of seeding will be declined.


If during a match problems appear, one informs of this the opponent ingame in the chat and contacts in the IRC.

The protest time limits itself to 10 minutes after the match end. Protests on account of missing demos are excluded from this rule. These may be submitted till 15 minutes after the match end.

In individual cases, the tournament officials to is entitled to make decisions which are covered not 1 to 1 of the rules. This is used to receive the sportsmanship and to satisfy all participants.


As a general rule, that there is no default win if there are similar rule violations on both sides. This collection serves as an example to illustrate:

  • Both player without a game account has played

  • Both teams/players played with forbidden value in config/script

  • in both teams/players is missing one or more demos.

This list is not exhaustive and serves only the clarification. If required, you can extend to. If two or more rule violations are comparable, an admin with the tournament Committee in accordance with rule decides 1.4 protests.

2. Match Rules

A pistol round must be played to determine who starts on which side. The winner of this pistol round will choose the side. Only pistols and kevlar vests are allowed to be used.


During the tournament, all matches have to be played on MATCHARENA servers only, which will be hosted for free. The Rcon Password will be assigned to the player whose name is listed at the top by the tournament administrator.

2.2.1 Non-attendance

If an opponent does not appear in the matchlobby, it has to be reported per support-ticket after a waiting time of 10 minutes past match start. Don't forget a (RCON-) status screenshot with current steam time.

The screenshot has to be taken before the first round begins. All screenshots, which are taken after this given time limit, won't be considered and are invalid.

As soon as the server has been provided and the match has started, the participants have 10 more minutes time to show up and to be ready. If one of the participants isn't ready after this 10 minutes, the other participant can deposit a protest. Therefore, he/she has to add some evidence screenshots to his protest.

If one of the participants don't show up during this 10 minutes time limit, his opponent will get a Default-Win.

  • 1on1 / MR 9
  • The choice of the side is set by a pistolround, the winner must then decide.
  • Protest time: 5 minutes

  • Possible Maps: Nuke, Inferno, Dust2, Mirage, Cache, Opverpass, Train (The respective Map has to be taken from the actual tournament tree.)

In test tournaments of the MATCHARENA, no spectators are allowed.

In test tournaments of the MATCHARENA, no streams are allowed.

The server runs the settings of the MATCHARENA CS:GO Configpacks. The correct settings have to be checked before the start of the game. If during the game, incorrect settings are noticed, the game has to be ended with the actual settings.

If a game has to be interrupted due to problems, a break will be taken either at the end of the round or during the freezetime,at the beginning of the next round. During this break, the resolution of the problem or the comeback from the opponent player has to be waited for 10 minutes. However, the reason of the break has to be explained at least during this break.

Taking a break without a reason isn't allowen. If a participant causes more than 3 breaks during a game, each additional one is allowed only with the permission of his opponent.


If one participant should lose connection to the server, a break has to be taken either at the end of ther round or during the freezetime, at the beginning of the next rounf. At the same time, the above listed rule has to be considered.
The game has to be restarted if the timeout happens within the first round before any contact with the opponent.
A protest has to be deposited, if the participant don't show up again after the 10 minutes time limit.


If one participant leaves the server with or without any argument and don't show up until the end of the current round, the timeout rule has to be applicated. Both, an IRC message (#ma.csgo) and a result report, have to be done in order to achieve a default-win. Matchmedias (Demos and Screenshots) must be settled to the result report.

The game is done after one participant won 16 rounds. If he doesn't want to end the map, than he can afford to stop right here because he won sufficient rounds to get a win. The remaining rounds won't be counted.

The overtime will be played MR3 (maximum of 6 played rounds) with $8.000 start money. For the start of the overtime, teams will stay on the side which they played the previous half on, during half-time sites will be swapped. Teams will continue to play overtimes until a winner has been found.

Both players are responsible for ensuring that the correct result is reported (via RESULT BUTTON). Screenshots showing the result include the result message.

Agreements between the opponents have to be listened in the ingame-chat or in steam. They imperatively have to be confirmed by the opponent. Therefore, a screenshot of the chat window AND the Steam hour, has to be taken. If this one is missing, the admin can't accomplish any kind of support.

If belated,a participant thinks, that because of the agreement he made with his opponent before the game, he has been disadvantaged, there will be no right to manage this with the administration team.

The following rules can't be edited, neither with an agreement between the participants:

  • Gaming without Demo
  • Mapchange
3. Settings

3.1 Server settings^

MATCHARENA provides the server with the right settingss for free. Any modification of the settings is forbidden and will lead to an exclusion for the tournament.

3.2 Player settings

Generally the use of any kind of additional programs, which lead to an unsporting advantage, are forbidden.

Exceptions are made for communication software (f.e. Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble, ..) which is used for communication between the players and software that the tournament administration allows to simplify the managing of the server (f.e. HLSW). New softwares or modifications will be authorized only after they are listened in the rules.

All listed configvalues must be kept before the game starts:

  • net_graph 1

All Overlays which during the game show the full utilization of the system are forbidden. Exceptions are made for the commands listed in the rules (regulations):

  • net_graph 1
  • cl_showpos 1
  • cl_showfps 1

All snd Commands used as bindings are forbidden, as long as they can be executed under sv_cheats 0. Further variables can be modified in the config files, if they don't lead to an unsporting or game deciding advantage. A violation of this rule hast to be reported to the support through a protest. If a command is different from them listed in the rules, the opponent will get a Default-Win.

Forbidden Scripts/Bindings:

  • Turn-Scripts [180° or similar]
  • Stop-Shotscripts [Use- or Awp-Scripts]
  • Centerviewscripts
  • Burstfire-Scripts
  • Bunnyhop-Scripts
  • Ratechanger [Lagscripts]
  • FPS-Scripts
  • Stop sound-Scripts
  • Use´n walk-Scripts / Bindings
  • Anti-Flash-Scripts or Anti-Flash-Bindings
  • NoRecoil-Scripts / Bindings

The binding of script on/by external Hard- or Software is forbidden. A violation of this rule hast to be reported to the support through a protest. If a script is different from them listed in the rules, the opponent will get a Default-Win.


The HUD can be changed as long as no information is deleted or falsified which is available in the standard HUD. If you use a custom HUD, it has to be readable. If an admin is hindered in his work because of unreadable HUDs, penalty points could be assigned. Protests or support tickets because of unreadable HUDs will be rejected immediately.

Custom files are only allowed for your HUD and GUI. Other custom files are forbidden, including custom models, changed textures or sounds (volume, soundscapes).


4. Forbidden actions


All kind of unsporting or game deciding actions are forbidden.This does not only include cheating, but also the exploitation of bugs. If some bugs may not be listed in the rules, it's the MA-Admion who decides whether this bug has been game deciding or not, and in addition to that if the opponent gets a Default-win or not. Bugs that are due to loadings have to be checked before the game starts and if need be to fix it, the map has to be reloaded.



During the game, opponents must not be kicked from the server. If a participant has been kicked from the server, he can draw up a protest. A Default-Win can only be acquired if the kick had a game deciding aspect.



Selfkills whether due by using the consolcommand "kill" or by other possibilities such as abysses are forbidden.



The term cheating contains all kind of Multihacks, Wallhacks, Aimbots, Colored Models, No-Recoil, No-Smoke, No-Flash and Sound modifications.


The use of third programs, which modifiate the graphic such as an unsporting advantage appears (see 3.2.4), can also be threatened as cheats. All kind of cheating is strictly forbidden. To find guilty a cheater, a profound timetable has to be submitted within 3 days. This one has to show at least 5 scenes, that show significantly the use of cheats. The opponent has the right, after invitation by an administrator, both to submit an Atnit-Timetable within 3 more days as if to express himself about the accusation.

If a participant uses not allowed aid and third programs, or if he modifiates some settings of the game, he will be excluded from the current tournament and durable banned for further MA-Tournaments. Not concerned about this sanction are the violations that are detected by the 4Players League AntiCheat-Team, which controls the demos. In this case, the player will receive a 12 months ban for the hole CS:GO activities.



The use of bugs is in general not allowed. Should a bug that is not listed be used, an admin will decide if a penalty is necessary.

  • Boosting through walls, ceilings or the ground, invisible pixels or surfaces, sky walking, map swimming, floating and sharking are all forbidden.

  • All positions where textures, walls or grounds immediatly or after certain movements disappear

  • Not accessible planting of the bomb (except positions that are accessible wiht the help of other players)

  • Pixelwalking

  • Bugdefuse: the bomb must be seen while defusing and can't be defused through solid objects such as walls, trains, boxes, etc.

  • Modifications of the presetted serversettings

If both participants agree to play even if a new update of the game was released, bugs that appear after that update can't be considered. Both participants must ensure by their own that their game runs perfectly.

4. Matchmedia


All relevant gamedata have to be stored as original ones for 24 hours and have to be provided by the demand of an administrator. Screenshots have to be automatically updated on the MATCHARENA site (via RESULT BUTTON) without any demand. A manipulation of the data is forbidden. The naming of the game relevant data have to be unambiguously.


Hoster for example : imgur


Every participant is obligated to record by his own a demo of every teamside played. If by accident, a little part of the demo is missing, the administration team can decide based on the situation whether or not a Default-Win will be assigned. The only demos allowed are InEye demos, recorded by the player immediately in CS:GO. Neither GO-TV Demos nor Stream-Replays will be accepted. The complete Demos have to be uploaded on the Matchlobby within 10 minutes after demand and are not allowed to be modifiated in any way.


Hoster for example : File-Upload

Both participants have to capture a screenshot of both halftimes and update them within 10 minutes after the match.


The Rcon-Password will be given to the player who is named first in the tournament tree. This player is therefore committed to capture a Rcon-Status-Screenshot. The opponent is committed to capture a Status-Screenshot. Both participants are committed to upload their captured screenshots and to relink tehm on the Matchlobby. Missing Screenshots can lead to an exclusion of the tournament ?


If during the game, one participant leaves the server and reconnects, there must be both RCON Status-Screenshot and a normal Status-Screenshot recaptured. Those Screenshots have only to be submitted, if an administrator requires them.

Screenshots captured out of other programs, such as f.e. HLSW, are not valid. Modifications done on screenshots are strictly forbidden.

When players meet each other in a league to play all together, it is indispensable, that some rules and consequences due to the violation of these rules have to be set up.

If there are any questions or suggestions about the rules, please feel free to use our support system.

Copyright MATCHARENA, Hamburg

Author: MA|Katja

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