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20.02.2018 16:09:25 CET



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01.01.14 - 18:00

EasyAntiCheat is a free anticheat software that will help us to keep the MATCHARENA a cheater free environment. Every player has to install and run EASY ANTi CHEAT during matches on the MATCHARENA. If you need help to install and run EasyAntiCheat checkout our tutorial below.

First off you need to install EasyAntiCheat to do that your the following link or search for "EasyAntiCheat eSports" in steam. The download is free.

EasyAntiCheat eSports

Now you should find "EasyAntiCheat eSports" in the software tab of your steam library. You have to start EasyAntiCheat before you start CS:GO. So go on and start EasyAntiCheat. Remember if you tried to connect to our servers without EasyAntiCheat running you will get kicked from the server.

In EasyAntiCheat you can select "worldwide" or "germany" to find the MATCHARENA button. After you found the MATCHARENA button you have to click it. If you did it correctly it will look like the picture below. It will only work if it looks like that. Now you can start CS:GO and connect to your match server.

Kicked from the server with EasyAntiCheat running
Please note, that´s the name "MATCHARENA" in server, as shown in the image above, is displayed in the text box. If not follow the instructions on step 3 above. If everything is correct try to join the server again or to restart EasyAntiCheat and CS:GO.
More informations: www.easyanticheat.net